How We Got Started

Gary A. Moore got his start in the steel pan business by making major improvements in the way a pan should be packaged for shipment, so that these delicately tuned  instruments could arrive in far flung and international destinations in far better tune and condition.   He soon turned his attention to mallet making and the use of unique combinations of materials to produce a superior sound than had been available up until then.  Gary worked on new mallet making techniques to produce the innovative sound he was striving for.   He recognized that the mallet requirements of a player in a large ensemble was very different from that of the professional steel pan player, who sometimes performs in small or solo settings and in recording sessions where a pure, rich tone is most apparent to the listener.   As well as countless small improvements, a major improvement in pan sound was introduced with the introduction of his Expressions! Pro Soloist Mallets.   Performers have enthusiastically embraced them and for good reason.  The innovative Expressions! Pro Soloist mallets eliminate the initial mallet-meets-metal "thunking" noise that can clutter up a pan artist's phrasing.   What is left is pure shimmering pan sound that is richer and fuller than that produced by traditional style wood or metal mallets.   For many years they were made and sold mostly to those lucky enough to have found out about them.   Now, with the website, they are available to all pan players who desire the best possible sound from their instrument.