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G Moore Mallets has been providing colleges, schools and individuals with great sounding steel pan mallets for many years.  We make fine steel pan mallets for professionals with the remarkable Expressions!Pro Soloist mallets and for steel bands worldwide with the excellent and affordable Steel Band series mallets.  

Love them or your money back!

The innovative Expressions! Pro Soloist mallets by G Moore Mallets eliminate the initial mallet-meets-metal "thunking" noise, leaving only pure shimmering pan sound that is richer and fuller than that produced by traditional style wood or metal mallets.   

Expressions! Pro Soloist mallets are perfect for recording and performing in small ensembles where superb tonal quality is most desired.   Available for Lead (Tenor), Double Second and Double Tenor as pictured above, as well as for Cello pan.   

The Steel Band Series mallets are available for Lead, Double Second, Double Tenor, Cello, Guitar, Tenor Bass and Bass at very affordable cost. 

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